The majority of our pieces are made using hot rolled steel. We can also fabricate with aluminum or cold rolled steel.  All metal stock comes in a variety of shapes & sizes allowing for very diverse options when designing the pieces.  When possible we love to incorporate decorative metals like stainless steel, copper and brass accents.

Other Materials

We work with a number of other materials in conjunction with the metal. We've worked with glass, both clear and stained, mirror, stone & various types of wood, concrete and so on.

Forged & Cast Ornaments

For many architectural projects such as gates & fencing the use of architecturally specific ornamentation is desired.  We have a number of direct access suppliers with a broad range of products.


We offer an extensive range of finishes in many textures and colours including paint, clear finish & specialty finishes.  By far the most preferred is  a Powder Coated finish.  It offers excellent colour retention & unmatched weather resistance.

Custom Options

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